Luxury residential care for the elderly

Crown House



Our main lounge is spacious, with fitted carpets and furnished with comfortable sofas and chairs.  Elegant drapes frame the window bays that overlook the Oakham’s high street, offering an interesting yet private view.  The lounge has a large flat screen TV for communal viewing and space for craftwork, hobbies and games.  


Our other lounge which is known as the snug has all the exclusive comforts of a first class hotel; somewhere you can entertain friends and family privately.  We have the facilities for you to offer your guests a glass of wine or sherry in comfort.



Our dining room overlooks the market square in Oakham and designed to create an air of elegance, making dining a pleasurable experience.  We take great pride in our dining room service where meals are silver served and tables are clothed with clean linen.

Our wide selection of quality homemade food is often sourced from local produce, using the best ingredients to form a healthy balanced diet. Each menu is given great thought and discussed with residents and staff alike. 

At lunchtime we offer a tempting three course meal with a selection of starters and deserts to compliment the main course. 

We can provide cheese and biscuits and even wine for an additional charge.